Target Series

My work habits and my conceptual thrust are deeply rooted in the notion that working in a series is the best road for me to travel as an artist.  Not only does a series provide continuity of thought, it dictates how

I approach my work.  When I arrive at a concept I want to develop, I impose certain restrictions of format and technique that guide each and every thought in the process.  That combination of concept

and dedication to its development provide

a map for many interesting stops along the road. Sometimes it ends up being a short trip.  And sometimes the journey is long

with much to explore.  There are even times when I want to return to a particular point on that map and re-explore it.


This is my second visit to the target as the central image of my work.  Initially inspired in the mid 1990’s by the work of Jasper Johns and Kenneth Nolan, I began a target series of mixed media paintings and drawings. That series was rather short-lived, but quite profitable in the direction

it provided.


Those works employed a variety of painting techniques and used color and positioning of collaged elements to create harmony

and unify the composition. 


In the latter part of 2013 I revisited the target, this time working with a smaller

2:3 ratio format.  In this current work,

I’ve combined graphic markings with images taken from 1960s era magazines.  These Target 60’s works are dense with content, history, and a bit of humor. 

But more important than the content

is the composition. I have purposely manipulated images and text to entice

the viewer to look at the compositional structure.  I always want composition

– how it is – to trump content – what it is. This current visit to a previous series is an intriguing journey with fresh eyes on a familiar subject. 

Reginald Coleman